Florida Uzoaru

  • Designation: Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Country: USA
  • Title: The Adaptation and Content Validity of an Instrument to Examine the Attitudes and Perceptions of HIV Self-Testing Among the Young Population in Nigeria


Dr. Florida Uzoaru has a doctorate in public health from Saint Louis University and a master's in global public health and policy from Queen Mary University of London. She is a prolific researcher in HIV, health equity, and neurodevelopmental disorders. She is an advocate for inclusive health policies. Dr. Uzoaru is dedicated to teaching and mentoring, crafting innovative courses that foster critical thinking and blend theory, research, and practical applications. Originally from Nigeria and of Igbo heritage, she is a proud parent to the loveliest 14-year-old on earth.


Background: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has been a stigmatized illness as well as a medical condition. Attitudes toward HIV/AIDS testing have been shown to suggest an individual’s predisposition to test for HIV. The objectives of this study were to develop an instrument examining attitudes towards HIV/AIDS by adapting and validating the HIV Antibody Testing Attitude Scale for use in HIV self-testing among young people in Nigeria.

Methods: The adapted HIV self-testing instrument was evaluated by subject matter experts to make a judgment on the instrument items for the essential, useful, or not necessary measurements of the instrument.

Results: Items on the instrument were modified to reflect the testing type; the adapted items were then analyzed by themes; and the amalgamated instrument incorporated key aspects that were to effectively examine the attitudes towards HIV self-testing among young people in Nigeria.

Conclusion: Developing an instrument that examines the attitudes towards HIV self-testing among young people in Nigeria helps to reveal a true sense of perspectives, barriers, and concerns and ultimately identify ways to overcome the presenting concerns.

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