• Designation: President and CSO Vaxinano
  • Country: France
  • Title: A non-adjuvanted vaccine platform for inactivated prophylactic and therapeutic parasitic vaccines


Pr. Didier BETBEDER has 30 years’ experience in vaccines, ranging from basic research to clinical studies.  He is the pioneer of studies using nasal administration for vaccines in humans. As inventor, he conducted 5 clinical trials with BioChem Pharma (Canada), SmithKline Beecham (Belgium) and Chiron (Italy). He has extensive experience in Nanomedicine, particularly in prophylactic and therapeutic nanovaccines. He has over 100 international publications and 26 patents to his name. He is the founder of Vaxinano, a company that develops vaccines for human and animal health (www.vaxinano.com) He has been the company's full president and CSO since 2019.


Vaxinano develops vaccine formulations against human and veterinary infections, using starch nanoparticles as mucosal delivery systems. These particles are able to associate a large variety of antigens and deliver them efficiently to nasal immune cells, thus eliciting a strong mucosal and systemic response. Hence, most pathogens access the human body through the mucosa; therefore, it is interesting to mimic these infections to trigger a protective immunity against parasitic and viral infections.

In this presentation, we will describe the development of this nasal delivery system, its ability to interact with nasal mucosal immune cells, their bio-distribution and  safety after nasal administration. Furthermore, their interest in term of antigen formulation, stability and efficacy for parasitic and viral vaccines will be presented. Finally, the results of a prophylactic vaccine against toxoplasmosis and immunotherapy against leishmaniasis infection will be discussed.

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